UCLS 10-year anniversary conference September 4-5

  • Date:
  • Location: Krusenberg
  • Contact person: camilla.scheinert@nek.uu.se
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Dear UCLS members,

As is traditional, we start the next academic year with the annual advisory board meeting in Krusenberg. This year, September 4-5, it is also the 10-year anniversary and the final year of our current advisory board. To celebrate this, we will spend a bit more time than usual in Krusenberg than the usual lunch-to-lunch conference. Details to come.

As always, the main feature of the conferences is your research presentations. Presenting is a great opportunity to receive comments from UCLS affiliates and our advisory board.

Let us know if you have a paper that you want to present. Send an e-mail to oskar.nordstrom_skans@nek.uu.se as soon as possible.

We start with lunch on September 4 and end with lunch the following day. If you have any querstions about the practicalities, contact Ulrika Öjdeby.